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SIGNED PRINT - Wishbone Texas | Book 02 - Texas Lawman

SIGNED PRINT - Wishbone Texas | Book 02 - Texas Lawman

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Main Tropes

  • Second chance romance
  • Small town
  • Sheriff's childhood sweetheart
Sheriff Clay Wilson is thrilled to see his long lost childhood friend return to Wishbone, Texas. - But Katherine isn't there to stay. She'll follow the instructions in her uncle's will but then she's selling up and leaving to try and resurrect her stalled career.
With only six months to get her to change her mind, Clay is up against the clock.
Katherine Miller isn't the girl who left town when she was ten years old. Now she's terrified of animals, remembers nobody in town and doesn't share any of his warm fuzzy memories.
What made her change and how can Clay get back the girl he adored?


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