About the author

#1 Best Selling Author, Ann B Harrison takes you to the places she loves the best. The wide open countryside of Montana where cowboys roam free and the ever changing Australian Outback where no two days are the same.

Ann was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia with her husband, three children and dog in 1991. She didn't start writing until 2010 when an idea started to keep her awake at night. She hasn't stopped since and has more than fifty plus books to her name with no hint of slowing down.

Cowboys and small towns are what she loves to write about. She has multiple series in the works and is constantly thinking up new ideas...

"In my spare time I enjoy cooking and experimenting with foods, often thinking up new story lines as I do! I find baking therapeutic, and there’s often a delicious outcome so I’m always spurred on to try new exciting recipes! I love to read (of course), take walks with my pups and family, attend to the garden and travel to places far and wide including the UK, which I was lucky enough to see again in early 2020.”

  • Lorie Saad_book_escapist

    Nothing like a suspenseful small town romance! Grady Cooper wasn't looking for love, but if he were to marry, it would be to a woman he felt instant attraction to, who was trained just right, and hardly any hassle to date. Lara Williams is the town's new vet and her wayward daughter Joanne has troubles of their own. How long can they keep their past a secret before all hell breaks loose?But happiness comes to Cooper's Crossing. Can Grady, Lara, and Jo be one happy family?I'm looking forward to reading the whole series. Happy reading!

  • Jana R. Buxton

    Great romance with such a wonderful family! Love the characters and the touching lively crew. Can't wait to read the next one!

  • Avid Reader

    Great story and I enjoyed in immensely. Ms Harrison is new author for me and if all her stories are similar to this one, I look forward to adding her to my preferred authors list.