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SIGNED PRINT - Australian Brides | Book 5 - The Farmer's Inspiration

SIGNED PRINT - Australian Brides | Book 5 - The Farmer's Inspiration

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Main Tropes

  • Small Texas town
  • Suspense
  • Childhood sweethearts

Leila Green's mother died when she was only a teenager, and she sought out comfort in the wrong places. She soon found herself addicted to drugs, caught up in a bikie gang with no way to escape.

After trying to harm the one person who was there for her, she spends the next three years in a hospital where she has been undergoing care. Now she is ready to leave.

Pearl and Lance have welcomed her with open arms to Casey Plains, found her a place to stay and encouraged her to follow the passion she inherited from her mother - textile art.

She tries to keep to herself, but a cute, pushy motherless seven-year-old girl has other ideas.

When his daughter Sara finds out there’s someone new in town, she makes a friend. Josh falls for the quiet artist but there is something she's hiding.

When someone from Leila’s past arrives and holds her against her will, torturing her for answers she can’t give, she feels it’s no more than what she deserves.

When Sara comes looking for her and is caught up in the danger, Leila does everything she can to save the child, even offering herself up to whatever her captor wants if she’ll let Sara go.

But both Sara and Leila are stronger than either of them believe.


Intro into chapter one

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