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SIGNED PRINT - Australian Brides | Book 4 - The Farmer's Ballerina

SIGNED PRINT - Australian Brides | Book 4 - The Farmer's Ballerina

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Main Tropes

  • Second chance romance
  • Small town
  • Suspense
When Eloise Grainger walks into the local Casey Plains pub on Date Night, she wants to die of shame. She hadn’t given it much thought when she heard her Gram was ill – she just wanted to get home. Now she has to face the music and explain to everyone, especially her boyfriend, Wes, why she left without a word to anyone.
It’s been almost three years since she ran away. Is that too long for him to forgive her or can she mend the fences between them?
Once Wes Walker finds out why Eloise left, he can’t hold a grudge. After all, she did it to save him from her crazy cult figure of a father and there has never been anyone else for him but Eloise.
But the problem they faced then hasn’t gone away. It’s getting closer and Eloise is in more danger than she knows.
When Wes can’t find her one morning, he thinks the worst and he’s right. Now he has to save her before it’s too late and she’s pulled into the crazy world she tried so hard to escape from.


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