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SIGNED PRINT - Australian Brides | Book 2 - The Farmer's Baby

SIGNED PRINT - Australian Brides | Book 2 - The Farmer's Baby

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Main Tropes

  • Second chance romance
  • Small town
  • Suspence



For Pearl Wiley, time was running out to have a baby of her own. This year’s Farmer Needs a Wife competition was likely to be her last chance to snag herself a date and do things the old-fashioned way. When the leather clad biker walks into the pub, she knows this is her baby daddy and will stop at nothing to take him home. She puts her case forward the Beth, and throws caution to the wind.
Lance Hagen needs somewhere to hide until the gang he infiltrated are all rounded up and charged. He heads to the country to decompress until he gets the call from his boss that things are in motion for the trial.
When he walks into the pub in the tiny town of Casey Plains, he thinks he’s found the perfect spot to wind down and keep out of the spotlight. Even the locals are friendly and one stunning red-head in particular takes his eye.
Pearl and Lance hit it off well and she takes him home but both are hiding secrets that threaten to tear their fledgling relationship apart. Can they confess to each other what scares them the most before it’s too late?


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