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Australian Outback Series | Book 06 - Outback In Stilettos

Australian Outback Series | Book 06 - Outback In Stilettos

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Main Tropes

  • Second chance romance
  • Small town
  • Single dad
The most popular soap on television hangs in the balance because Delilah Connors has lost her mojo.

Delilah disagrees when her agent decides she needs a break, but she has no say in the matter. She heads for the outback on a bus tour from hell. The coach smells, her seating partner is an octopus and the road leads nowhere she wants to go. It’s all too much. She grabs her bags and gets off the bus.
Now she’s stuck in the outback and needs help.
The only lifeline she can grab leads to two small children and a widowed cowboy. The kids are cute but even they’re not enough to compensate for an archaic kitchen and the filthy flies. Just when she’s getting the hang of the outback and that sexy cowboy, she’s summoned back to the big smoke.
Blake can’t imagine life without her now and makes a last-ditch attempt to plead his case but amongst the glitter and glamour of the Sydney film elite, he is way out of his depth.
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