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Texas Cowboy Book 1

Cora Hamilton needed to get out of town fast! - With her ex due out of prison, the last thing she wants is to be around when he comes knocking on her door. For him, Cora is unfinished business. She needs to run.
When her new boss finds her sleeping in her car in the parking lot of his bbq restaurant in Wishbone, Texas, Cora questions her decision.
She’s a day late and her new boss is understandably unimpressed. Cora’s no pushover and she’s damn good at her job, as she intends to prove if he’ll just give her a chance.

Duke Wilson knew he was taking a risk hiring his new manager sight unseen but Cora Hamilton’s resume and references were the best. If his restaurant is to be the success he wants and his life less stressful, he needs her.

Texas Lawman Book 2

Sheriff Clay Wilson is thrilled to see his long lost childhood friend return to Wishbone, Texas. - But Katherine isn't there to stay. She'll follow the instructions in her uncle's will but then she's selling up and leaving to try and resurrect her stalled career.
With only six months to get her to change her mind, Clay is up against the clock.
Katherine Miller isn't the girl who left town when she was ten years old. Now she's terrified of animals, remembers nobody in town and doesn't share any of his warm fuzzy  memories.
What made her change and how can Clay get back the girl he adored?

Texas Crooner Book 3

Ella Wilson grew up surrounded by a loving family and the easy life. When a handsome stranger saves her from an embarrassing situation, it seems as though she's met her one true love. The last thing she thought she'd do was to get married in Vegas.
When she wakes up the following morning, reality hits her hard. She isn't wife material – especially not for the famous Travis Read.
Country and western singer, Travis Read grew up the hard way. Bounced from foster home to foster home, all he dreams of is having a stable family of his own.
But waking up to find his new wife gone, is merely one more example in a long line of disappointments in his life. He's almost resigned to the pain when she comes knocking on his door.
How can he believe her when she insists they belong together?

Texas Healer Book 4

Equine Veterinarian Cody Wilson had the job of his dreams – until he gets fired and blamed for letting a valuable horse die. Going home with his tail between his legs and a chip on his shoulder wasn’t what he saw in his life plan. He was destined to be someone, and that chance was ruthlessly snatched away from him.
Rebel Phillips needs a veterinarian for her rescue centre. Bills are mounting up, and her luck is running out.
Until Cody offers her what she so desperately needs, but is it worth swallowing her pride and accepting Cody’s help – especially when she’s still pinning on the man that hurt her the most?

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