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Second Chance Billionaire

A wonderful clean romance story of love, second chances and a deaf dog called George.
Simon Benson made the biggest mistake of his life when he made his first billion and he's lived to regret it.
Older and hopefully wiser, he’s desperate to get Ruby Costello to fall in love with him again. In his eyes, they’re meant to be together and it was a stupid mistake that broke them apart, one he’s regretted ever since.
An invitation to the annual fundraiser for the animal rescue centre she manages seems like the obvious answer. This is his chance to make good and use his money for something that matters to both of them.
He bids an outrageous amount of cash for a week of dates with Ruby.
She's horrified but she can hardly turn him down. The centre needs all the money she can raise, even if it means spending time with the man she thought she would once marry and still holds a firm place in her heart.

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