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Forever The Time

Fifteen years ago April Williams left Hope Harbor determined never to return and now she’s back searching for a safe haven for her children. But first she needs a job. And there’s only one—working for the man she walked out on. When it comes to a choice between her feelings and her children’s well-being it’s a no-brainer.

April’s return does more than rock Drew Hope’s confidence – it throws everything he’s worked on these last years into chaos. Having her close brings back memories he can’t bury but there’s more to it than that.

Something is troubling April and he’s determined to find out what it is.

Hold Me Now

Hilary French has faced defeat and hates the taste. Now she's on a mission to try and persuade the grower of the best shellfish she's ever tasted to join her stable of suppliers to Seattle's top restaurants.
Arlo Hope has never gotten over the death of his mother and can't stand to be around people. It's a shame nobody told Hilary that he dislikes dealing with the public because she's determined to get him to sign up. It isn't long before both of them find that there's more at stake here than the world's best tasting oysters. The hearts of two broken people are involved and the merest hint of disaster could tear them apart before they put the cement on their relationship.

Don't Let Go

Agnes Hope has loved Liam Davidson since they were children running free on Hope Island. But an assault has left her scarred and she can’t bring herself to tell anyone in case they judge her. She turns from the vivacious girl into a reclusive woman who works in a bakery at night just to avoid having contact with other people.
When Liam is asked to be best man at her brother’s wedding, he hopes that Aggie will be maid of honor. It’ll give him the chance he needs, and the right romantic setting, to let him win her over and rekindle their relationship.

It goes better than he could hope for but the next morning, Aggie runs before he wakes up. What has he done wrong? She won’t say but he knows there’s something she won’t talk about and he’s determined to find out what it is....

Worth Fighting For

Mia Morgan, homewares queen, is given the choice. Take a break and regroup or the board will terminate her employment. With little choice and less enthusiasm, she heads to Hope Island to stay at the Bed and Breakfast the managing director booked for her.
Matt Hope loves to mother people. It's what he does best and where his talents shine. Nobody can channel Martha Stewart quite like Matt can.

But Mia isn't an easy client. She's angry about her enforced stay, annoyed that for the next four weeks, she has to find something other than work to keep her occupied. Before long, Matt’s easy going nature starts to wear off on her and she begins to enjoy herself...

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