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Second Chance Billionaire

Top investigative reporter Billie Stanford believes she is at the pinnacle of her game until her husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her to raise their sixteen-year-old son alone. Intent on a fresh start she returns to Australia only to discover her American experience stands for nothing and she must start from scratch.
Finally, she is assigned to uncover the story behind Foxborough Hall, but she isn’t prepared for the backlash from her mother. Used to butting heads with her as a teenager, Billie digs her toes in and refuses to back down prompting everyone to question her sanity.

Hamish Abbott is a psychology professor with a passion for history. Past mistakes have made him cautious around women but he is inexplicably drawn to his American neighbour and her teenage son. He doesn’t expect to find himself dragged into the family’s murky secret.
Rationality deserts Billie and despite Hamish’s best efforts she begins to lose her grip on reality. She is convinced she is involved in Foxborough Hall’s chequered past and insists on digging deeper.
Telling her family what she has uncovered will be hard, but harder still will be explaining why Wilhelmina Wallace died and who killed her.

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