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Grady Book 1

He isn’t looking for love. All she needs is a safe place to hide. - She wasn’t expecting her wayward daughter to bring them into the local sheriff's line of sigh. Traumatised and acting out, young Jo is ruining Lara Williams plan of flying under the radar. But once Sheriff Grady Cooper starts looking into their background, their cover will be blown.

Riley Book 2

The last thing Sassie O’Leary needs is a man in her life after the last disastrous affair. - She decides to concentrate on building herself a life, and buys a rundown home in the rural town of Cooper's Crossing without looking at it first. Big mistake but the old place has good bones and will do up nicely. Mothering people and fixing things is what she does best.
Riley Cooper thinks she's bitten off more than she can chew and goes out of his way to prove it to her. - What neither of them expect is the chemistry that fires up between them. Sassie makes him a deal. Sex with no strings attached - she’s not looking for a forever relationship and neither is he...

Mitch Book 3

Mitch Cooper lives to be a bull rider and he’s at the top of his game when a monster animal gets the better of him after the bell rings. - Injured but not out, he needs to win the next two rounds to take out the big prize but a family emergency calls him home. His mom has been trampled by steers helping on the ranch and they don’t know if she’ll make it. He heads home, regret his companion on the long drive. He should’ve been there for her after his father died but everyone convinced him to follow his dream. Now he wonders if it’s all too late...

Audrey Book 4

Audrey Cooper has loved and lost before. - The last thing she wants is to risk her heart again.
When Finn arrives in Cooper’s Crossing, he’s looking to start a new life and he has his sights on Audrey.
Finn Kelly has a past and it catches up with him. - Just when Audrey falls for him, it all goes terribly wrong.

Does Finn have any chance of getting her back or has he blown it?

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