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Farmer Needs A Wife Book 1

Billie Holden thought she had the perfect life, until she caught her boyfriend with another woman. Betrayed and hurting, she leaves Sydney for a new life in the tropical north. To help soothe her broken heart, she takes the inland route so she can see the outback. She’s never been there before and just as luck would have it, she breaks down smack in the middle of the smallest town she’s ever seen.
Jeff Houston didn’t want to join the wife hunting competition but he owed Beth big time, and can’t refuse her request to bolster the numbers. His luck changes when he meets Billie, the perfect candidate for a wife. Pity he isn’t looking for one, and the last thing she wants is to get into a relationship again. She only needs his mechanical skills....

The Farmer's Baby Book 2

For Pearl Wiley, time was running out to have a baby of her own. This year’s Farmer Needs a Wife competition was likely to be her last chance to snag herself a date and do things the old-fashioned way. When the leather clad biker walks into the pub, she knows this is her baby daddy and will stop at nothing to take him home. She puts her case forward the Beth, and throws caution to the wind.

Lance Hagen needs somewhere to hide until the gang he infiltrated are all rounded up and charged. He heads to the country to decompress until he gets the call from his boss that things are in motion for the trial.

When he walks into the pub in the tiny town of Casey Plains, he thinks he’s found the perfect spot to wind down and keep out of the spotlight. Even the locals are friendly and one stunning red-head in particular takes his eye.

Pearl and Lance hit it off well and she takes him home but both are hiding secrets that threaten to tear their fledgling relationship apart. Can they confess to each other what scares them the most before it’s too late?

The Farmer's Husband Book 3

Portia Wilson has been doing it tough. Losing her husband to illness just after the birth of their baby son gave her little time to grieve what she’d lost. Twin girls and a new baby meant she had to keep moving forward or she’d sink into the pit of despair.
Five lonely years on, she thinks it’s time to date again. The first time she tried the annual Casey Plains dating competition, she bombed out and wasn’t keen to go there again but friends convince her she can do it.
His best friend encouraged Dean Richards to make a move to the tiny country town and start over after the tragic death of his wife and unborn baby. Years of working extra shifts as a trauma nurse in the city hasn’t made things any easier, but he readily agrees it might be the right time to begin a new life.

He falls in love with the small community and makes friends fast. His timing was perfect, and he feels a sense of relief until his boss convinces him to go one step further and join the annual date night. Is he ready to move on? He thinks he is until a massive panic attack sends him running from the pub.
Portia can’t believe her luck, but she likes the new nurse, even if all they can be is friends.
But his past isn’t the only thing that follows Dean to the Outback… and soon the woman he has fallen in love with is put in danger and his past comes back to haunt him.

The Farmer's Ballerina Book 4

When Eloise Grainger walks into the local Casey Plains pub on Date Night, she wants to die of shame. She hadn’t given it much thought when she heard her Gram was ill – she just wanted to get home. Now she has to face the music and explain to everyone, especially her boyfriend, Wes, why she left without a word to anyone.
It’s been almost three years since she ran away. Is that too long for him to forgive her or can she mend the fences between them?
Once Wes Walker finds out why Eloise left, he can’t hold a grudge. After all, she did it to save him from her crazy cult figure of a father and there has never been anyone else for him but Eloise.
But the problem they faced then hasn’t gone away. It’s getting closer and Eloise is in more danger than she knows.
When Wes can’t find her one morning, he thinks the worst and he’s right. Now he has to save her before it’s too late and she’s pulled into the crazy world she tried so hard to escape from.

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