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Ann B. Harrison

Romance Author

#1 Best Selling Author, Ann B Harrison takes you to the places she loves the best. The wide open countryside of Montana where cowboys roam free and the ever changing Australian Outback where no two days are the same.


Hi I’m Ann, a New Zealander who now resides in the absolutely gorgeous Hunter Valley in Australia. I live here with my very own handsome hero hubby who has been instrumental in my journey to becoming an author, as well as my adorable pups Molly and Hugo. Family and friends are close by, and I feel grateful everyday to be surrounded by such an incredible support network; it’s so important!

I’ve always loved the ups and downs of life in small communities, and growing up in the Outback has certainly inspired my writings. I also dream of rolling fields and the wide-open countryside of Montana, which is where several other of my stories are set. Cowboys….. now where do I start? I won’t; read my stories and you’ll find out why I have a particular fondness for them! I do also throw in equally strong sexy female heroines with a dash of sass - the perfect combination!

In my spare time I enjoy cooking and experimenting with foods, often thinking up new story lines as I do! I find baking therapeutic, and there’s often a delicious outcome so I’m always spurred on to try new exciting recipes! I love to read (of course), take walks with my pups and family, attend to the garden and travel to places far and wide including the UK, which I was lucky enough to see again in early 2020.

My fans are so important to me as you guys help me to continue my dream! I always try to give back when I can, so stop by my social media if you can and say hi. A friend is just a stranger you haven’t met yet!


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